21 dicembre 2006

Re: "Where Does Apple Go from Here?"

Dear Editor,

I wish to comment on the article Where Does Apple Go from Here?" by Prof. Yoffie, on february 2004, and in particular on Apple Inc. struggling to make long term profits for investors.

The success of Apple Inc. is due in part to customer satisfaction and in part to the approach of business partners. For example, Sun Inc. has just released the new Software Development Kit for Java 6; this kit is available for Microsoft Windows, but not for Apple's OSX. Microsoft's position of dominant market player, and its huge revenues, allows Microsoft to literally buy consent against its competitors. The core difficulty at Apple is to have fair competition from Microsoft, so that Software Houses can develop applications that run on Apple's OSX too, in addition to Windows. In Italy, for example, the Government had meetings with Bill Gates, but not with Steve Jobs, and the Government demands professionals to use windows-only applications, such as DOCFA or PREGEO. Given the situation worldwide, Apple's new OSX 2007 will allow people to run Microsoft Windows application, thus conquering the hard way a slide of a market where Governmental antitrust authorities should work more, rather than take part to to the lobby.

[Letter to the Editor of "Working Knowledge for Business Leaders", Harvard Business School.]

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