30 giugno 2006

Re: A Constitution introduced by stealth?

The European Constitution is a natural outcome of decades of treaties and economic unification. The only problem with the present document is, that it was not written by the people. The fundamental question is, whether we like Europe to be a democracy or a republic. The present document truly sets Europe as a federal republic, while europeans want democracy. Certain states, such as Italy, signed the document without awareness and consent of the italians; the law did not allow them to express their opinion on this matter. The French could, and they rejected the document. I am afraid the present document will be forced upon us, and the result will be everything except a Europe of Europeans. EU is united, but we are still struggling; Lisbon's diamonds are as good as straight bananas, and the economy is far from blooming. There are core problems on the table, but professional politicians are more interested in being overwhelmed by luxury than walking down the street and live Europe the way we do. I truly believe that Europe would be better if present politicians would step out of politics and get a real job, and let the people run their own country.

[Apparso su Times Online]